I Believe in GD


Global Defenders, I believe in you. I ask that you believe in you. Don’t believe in Pungy, don’t believe in Tedwa, don’t believe in Ower, don’t believe in me. Believe in yourselves. And while you’re believing in yourselves, think who will help you unleash your power as a united army. Which candidate believes in you more than anyone else? Which of us candidates is the one who can succeed guided only by his troops? I’m not too sure Tedwa and Ower have ever led anyone. Certainly not them.
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The Time Has Come For Honesty


Global Defenders, I’m going to be plain and simple here. Both Pungy and I have always done what’s best for the army, and we are both excellent candidates in our own ways. These elections have turned into more than I had expected. I never thought so many lies and accusations would be spread in this campaign. So, in order to avoid anymore of that, I’m going to set things straight.

  • Pungy wants to pay you for the Assembly. I understand how this seems good. But I truly hope that you will all realize this will compromise the ideas of democracy. I’m not saying this is Pungy’s intention. I’m just saying this is wrong. Yes, US Senators and other politicians do get paid. But the Senate isn’t an Assembly. The point of an assembly is to avoid politicians. It is ruled by the majority, the common soldier.
  • As far as Jack’s purchases of ranks through GC, well, I’d like to remind you he isn’t the candidate. I’d like you all to focus attacks on me, not my supporters. And to say I oppose using GC in advancement is not true. I oppose it only as a reward in the Assembly. You should be rewarded for you event attendance. And if you’ve earned enough for a promotion, then I say you deserve it.
  • I do not claim to do a majority of the work. I do help Pungy a lot, but Pungy has made all final decisions. In fact, I’m fine that my work has helped Pungy out in the past. But it isn’t okay for him to take things I worked with him on and claim them for himself as a tool in his elections. Pungy should be given credit on accepting the Assembly idea, and I should be given credit for creating it.
  • I have been pushing for the Assembly for almost a year. The first I remember mentioning it was in my retirement. It was simply an idea at the time, and at the time GD didn’t really need to be fixed. The Assembly became a much bigger deal for me in May when I started the constitution Pungy mentions, and it is true that that was when I really got serious about it.
  • The Senate was something Pungy assigned to me in March of 2011, for which I was very grateful. It worked for about two meetings. Then a new Head of Senate, Demos, replaced me since my Ownership made me unqualified. It was from then on I realized the Senate would not work. To call it “my responsibility” would be untruthful. Also, is it not also the Leader’s responsibility to make sure others are committed to their’s?
  • I have never accused Pungy of being “self-centered.” The recent ad says “Don’t let someone self-centered lead GD.” At that time, it was no longer an attack in Pungy. I apologize if it sounded that way. It was merely my campaign managers’ way of saying that I, Redd, am not self-centered, and that you should vote for me to be sure no self-centered president ever exists. I don’t think anyone can challenge Pungy being GD-focused any more than they can me.

Note to Crew


Jack and Clyde –

Feel free to post whatever updates and such you like on this site. It is our headquarters. I would prefer you publish it as “Pending Review,” but that is not required. Make sure you mark all your posts in the “Campaign” category. Also, do not forget to set a featured image. If you are at a loss for what image to use, use the 500 x 300 “Vote 4 Redd” image. You should be able to find it in media. Any questions, feel free to find me on chat or email me at reddkool@gdarmy.com, but please do not use this blog for questions. Also, do not post anything else in any other category. Thanks,

– Your Very Grateful Candidate, Redd